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Isuzu Vehicross – tribute animation

After a few months of work, mostly done in between commercial viz renderings, I introduce my tribute to Isuzu Vehicross. It has been on YouTube for a while, and hit over 300 views so far ; )

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Wolne tory competition

This summer I was asked for help in preparing CGIs for urbanistic competition in Poznan. The task was to create the masterplan for a quite big area, almost in the centre of Poznan, near the main railway station. My client, Maćków Pracownia Projektowa was invited to the second stage of the competition, which was meant to include pedastrian-view CGIs of squares and streets concepts along with the bird-view masterplan. This gave us an opportunity to create images of spaces with various vibe, from a local square to the skyscrapper quarter in the northern part.


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Isuzu Vehicross

Once again I would like to introduce the 3D model of a car. It’s Isuzu Vehicross, very rare vehicle, about 6000 of them where made in short production period from 1997 to 2001. It’s design is over 20 years old, but Vehicross still looks like a concept car to me.

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