Mercedes SL R107

This model is avaliable on turbosquid here

I’am a big fan of classic cars, including those produced in ’80 and ’90, wchich I think shouldn’t be called ‘classic’, rather youngtimers. Few years ago, when I had more spare time I created the 3D model of old Mercedes SL, very popular in US, but my is reconstruction of the European version. I couldn’t afford buying SL for myself, so it was the only way to have one. : )

Starting from creating huge database of photos…

… finding blueprints – this is very popular car, so there was no problem


to finaly start work, wchich was much more timeconsuming than I fought in the begining


04_modeling_02 copy


It was worth it, now I use this model in my CGIs. I was asked only once to remove “this old beater” from visualization.

And finally few mesh renders of the car.

008 007The car was modelled to be used in architectural CGI, so interior is very simple. Even though, you still can find small buttons, keyhole in the glovebox.




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