Isuzu Vehicross

Once again I would like to introduce the 3D model of a car. It’s Isuzu Vehicross, very rare vehicle, about 6000 of them where made in short production period from 1997 to 2001. It’s design is over 20 years old, but Vehicross still looks like a concept car to me.


This model is avaliable on turbosquid here

The model was made with big attention to detail, all exterior elements have their thickeness, so the car doesn’t look like it’s made of paper. The suspension elements are simplified, but prepared for animation. Also, I’m going to release rigged, animable version in Maya format. Here are some images from a short movie I’m working on, to show the potential of the rig.



The work goes quite slowly due to regular work, but surely will be ready this year.




All models on turbosquid here

See also my other models avaliable on the second car, and some light fittings, specialy usefull for office visualization. The office lighting set was created in three material variants, and several light source schemes.



010 white anim

006 white

001 white


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