Wolne tory competition

This summer I was asked for help in preparing CGIs for urbanistic competition in Poznan. The task was to create the masterplan for a quite big area, almost in the centre of Poznan, near the main railway station. My client, Maćków Pracownia Projektowa was invited to the second stage of the competition, which was meant to include pedastrian-view CGIs of squares and streets concepts along with the bird-view masterplan. This gave us an opportunity to create images of spaces with various vibe, from a local square to the skyscrapper quarter in the northern part.


My client received an honorouble mention, and was in the final six. Congratulations!


As usual in this type of visualizations, it  should rather be buzzing with activity, living and shiny, than photorealistic.

plac wielkomiejski_c_RAW_portfolio

Images have combined cut-out people with rendered 3d people in the background. This gave the impression of a crowdy, and buzzing square with smaller post production effort. But creating stories in the foreground adds a lot of climate and makes images more lively. Thanks to the great Xoio cut-out freebies!



Urbanistic concepts are always about the space. This one is quite unique; the pedestrian bridge over the railway area is so wide, that you can hardly say you are on the bridge.




And the most important thing from the jury’s point of view – the masterplan.

z gory_000_c_RAW_portfolio2z gory_001_c_RAW_portfolio1

And the real world version, the architectural scale model.

wolne tory makietasource: https://www.facebook.com/mackow.pracowniaprojektowa


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