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OVO collection

Some new materials came in line for fresh 2014 Panda OVO collection. New washing unit was redesigned and some big improvements were added. The sides of washing unit is now made of fiberglass, with big LED plane.

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Panda catalogue

After last weekend of April 2014 I’m happy to introduce the big set of images made for Panda 2014 catalogue. The company is changing very fast, developing new production technologies, new design philosophy and I’m lucky to be a part of this process.

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Apartment in Dresden closeups

To get some rest from a classic approach to visualization I’ve made two photographic-like shots. As a background I’ve used Dresden apartment’s kitchen.

The plan was to create a bigger set of images, but I’ve decided to post what I have already, to fill the time-gap before the very big post about hairdressing furniture CGI for “Panda” catalogue. The work is in progress, and I’m not allowed to publish any of theese materials before the Look Expo in Poznan.

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Apartment in Dresden

This bunch of interior shots is my own version of design which originaly was much more ascetic. I’ve also made few kitchen closeups later.

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Noah collection

Working with a hairdressing furniture manufacturer gives me an opportunity to create and arrange a lot of interiors, lately rather in loft or ‘loftish’ style. The white Noah collection gained a color, that’s the reason of creating theese images.

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